Miracle Lightening Eye Drops Perfect Duo Turquoise Color

Miracle Lightening Eye Drops Perfect Duo Turquoise Color

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Get the control on changing your eye color with Eye Lightening Eye drops Perfect duo Phase one MSM and Phase two melanin inhibitors that will help your eye to achieve a Turquoise  color



    Lightening Eye drops Perfect Duo

    Gradually Changing your eye color

    Method of use: Use Phase one applying two drops in each eye after 20 minutes apply two drops in each eye of Phase two, repeat this procedure three times a day (results may vary)Shake well before each use EXP12/23


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  • Product Ingredients

    Ingredients Organic Phase 1: MSM 4%,Disodium EDTA as a preservative. Pear fruit(A-Arbutin)Algae, Chlorella,  N-Acetyl Glucosamine Phase 2 Ingredients Triple UV Treated Deionized Water adjusted to 0.09% saline (derived from Sea Salt), Organic MSM 4%     Made in USA

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